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Remote Data Collection

Webcam Eye Tracking and Emotion Detection

Extend iMotions Lab with Remote Data Collection capabilities and take your research anywhere

Recent research has highlighted the variety of human behavior that is present across regions, countries, and cultures. With over 8 billion people in the world, it can be difficult to pin down consistent behaviors. With the iMotions Lab Remote Data Collection extension, it’s possible to take your research further and test anyone with an internet connection. Studies can be designed and set up within iMotions Lab, and then distributed online.

Recreation of the classic eye tracking study of the “Unexpected Visitor” made with webcam eye tracking.
Access ready-to-analyze insights on emotional valence across your respondent pool.

Browser-based biosensors

The Remote Data Collection extension allows for the testing of participants with eye tracking, facial expression analysis, voice analysis and surveys – all through the browser. Emotional expressions can be analyzed with Affectiva’s AFFDEX, or RealEyes‘ algorithms. It’s possible to learn more about our own eye tracking algorithms here. Distribution of the study can be handled through panel services, helping you to automate data collection, and go further with participant reach.

How it Works


Setup Your Study In iMotions Lab

You can use one or more types of
media in your test. Ask questions
with the built-in surveys for even
more insights.


Share Your Test

Share a link to your test with your own audience or use the integrated panel providers to reach specific demographics


Analyze The Results!

Once participants have conducted the study you can see the results. Explore eye tracking heatmaps, emotions and facial expressions, and see a screen recording of exactly what the participants saw.

iMotions WebET 3.0

The Most Accurate Webcam Eye Tracking Available

Based on state-of-the-art technology iMotions WebET 3.0 is the most accurate and robust webcam eye tracking solution available on the market.

Online Eye Tracking

Facial Expression Analysis
with Affectiva AFFDEX

Remote Data Collection supports all of the features of the Facial Expression Analysis module.

Test on real people matching your target audience

Reach Any Audience

35-45 year-olds in full-time employment? How about people in rural areas? Or maybe just the ones who have at least 3 pets and 2 children? Whomever you need for your research sample, we’ve got you covered as we integrate with various panel providers for fast and easy access to any demographic you need.

Real Insights, No Bias

People are notoriously unreliable when describing their preferences or decision-making processes in surveys. Measuring their nonconscious emotional signals and visual attention simultaneously provides insights free of conscious biases for high-quality reliable understanding of the drivers behind behavior.

Cost Effective And Flexible

Computer vision algorithms enable biometrics to be collected from a participants own webcam in a fast, cost-effective approach with no expensive hardware necessary- Through a cloud portal, research teams can create and view each others’ studies, collaborating from anywhere in the world.


Here you can find some of the questions we are asked on a regular basis. If you have questions you cannot find here, or elsewhere on our website, please contact us here.

What is Remote Data Collection?

How does Remote Data Collection work?

Which data collection methods take place online?

Eye Tracking
Accuracy Threshold

Most Advanced
Emotions Recognition






  • Webcam Eye Tracking

    Turn any webcam into an eye tracker and conduct studies using just a regular laptop

  • Facial expression analysis

    Carry out facial expression analysis using Affectiva’s AFFDEX, or RealEye’s algorithms

  • Online Surveys

    Cloud has its own self reporting tool (survey) built in, but you can also use a range of the most popular survey builders around

  • Remote Studies

    Study management and data collection all happens via a cloud infrastructure, making it possible to deploy a study to anyone in the world with an internet connection

  • GDPR Compliant

    With servers both in Germany and United States you can safely collect participant data without worrying about data security


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