iMotions WebET 3.0

Accurate webcam based eye tracking

Webcam eye tracking that you can rely on

iMotions WebET 3.0 is the most accurate webcam based eye tracking software available. The underlying algorithm has been trained on millions of faces in different lighting conditions and from different ethnicities, ensuring a robust performance and accurate results. iMotions webcam eye tracking offers a reliable way of conducting eye tracking research online with remote data collection capabilities.

How accurate is webcam eye tracking?

Key Benefits to iMotions Webcam Eye Tracker

High Accuracy

iMotions WebET 3.0 is the most accurate webcam eye tracker available and has been validated and tested against a state of the art infrared eye tracker.

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Webcam Eye Tracking Metrics

iMotions webcam eye tracker delivers most of the same eye tracking metrics as standard infrared eye trackers and with iMotions Lab you get the same advanced analysis features such as Heatmaps, Gaze paths, AOI and more with webcam eye tracking as any other eye tracker.

Popular uses

Behavioral Experiments

From consumer behavior to psychology studies, webcam based eye tracking offers a unique way of conducting research outside the lab.

Video Content

Make sure your content reaches your KPI’s by testing its effectiveness. Eye tracking will tell you if key elements of the video was noticed or overlooked. Combine with facial expression analysis to learn all about engagement.

AB Testing

Test and compare everything from packaging, webdesigns, ad creative and much more to learn exactly which content is best at communicating your brand and product.

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How webcam eye tracking works and comparison with infrared eye trackers

Get Started with Remote Data Collection

With the Remote Data Collection extension for iMotions Lab you can Leverage the unparalleled analysis tools found in iMotions Lab together with state of the art voice and sentiment analysis as well as facial expression analysis for truly ground breaking online studies.

Remote Data Collection

iMotions Online

The easy way to conduct eye tracking studies online. Wether you are wanting to learn the principles or just looking for a more simple analysis tool, iMotions Online has got you covered.

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