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Eye Tracking Screen Based

Measure visual attention on monitors and mobile devices with the screen-based eye tracking module.

Track attention in controlled environments

The average person spends the majority of their waking time in front of a screen – but what are they really looking at? Screen-based eye tracking allows for the measurement and analysis of visual attention to almost any form of media. Perform screen-based eye tracking on images, videos, websites, games, software interfaces, 3D environments, mobile phones and more to provide deeper insights into eye movements and visual attention.

Eye tracking adverstisement
Eye tracking is used to measure and follow attention during an advertisement.

Look deeper with eye tracking data

Use eye trackers from Smart Eye, EyeTech, SMI, and Gazepoint and synchronize with over 50 other biosensors. Use static or dynamic areas of interest (AOIs) and access over 30 eye tracking metrics. Carry out gaze, fixation, and saccade classification using a range of methods with built-in R notebooks. Use gaze mapping to observe behavior on websites, and test visual attention with mobile devices. Complete the entire experimental process within the iMotions platform.

See results with eye tracking

Researchers are already using the screen-based eye tracking module to:

  • Explore dyslexia detection with children
  • Measure cognitive load of users of a website or app
  • Test gaze patterns in face perception
  • Investigate gaze tolerance of children with autism
  • Improve usability and accessibility of both digital and printed information
Eye tracking schizophrenia study
Eye tracking is used alongside other biosensors while a participant completes a survey.

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What is screen-based eye tracking?

How does screen-based eye tracking work?

What can I use screen-based eye tracking for?

Can webcams be used for eye tracking?


  • Hardware agnostic

    Integration with a wide range of eye trackers, from vendors such as Smart Eye, SMI, EyeTech, GazePoint etc.

  • Advanced analytics

    Analytic tools for screen-based multimedia stimuli (images, videos, websites, games, software interfaces and 3D environments) including heat maps and gaze replays

  • Built-in QA

    Integrated quality assurance tools

  • Real-time visualization

    Real-time visualization of key eye tracking metrics such as live gaze, pupil size, and distance to screen

  • Website testing

    Website aggregation supported with Chrome, IE, and Edge

  • Advanced areas of interest

    Collect detailed data from static and dynamic areas of interest (AOIs)

  • Automated metrics

    Measure over 40 metrics such as time to first fixation, time spent, revisits, fixation count, mouse clicks, key strokes etc

  • Scene recording and editing

    Scene video recording, segmentation, and editing

  • Mobile device eye tracking

    Test any kind of mobile device

  • Data export

    Export all raw data and metrics in accessible formats

  • Gaze mapping

    Carry out gaze mapping on websites, both on screen and mobile phones


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